« Dolphins & Sharks is a fine jewelry Parisian brand, disrupting and bold, playing with codes of luxury and fashion. »

Created in 2013, the brand pledged to bring quality to fashion jewelry and playfulness to fine jewelry.

Innovating and thriving, Dolphins & Sharks finds inspiration all around, aiming to bridge the gap between jewelry and fashion.

Following its intuition, the brand sees the creation of a jewel as an amorous journey where no one knows the outcome. Its concept: “every woman is dual, they all have a dolphin side and a shark side.”

From this artistic direction is born the two core values of the brand : duality and sensuality, mixing curves and feminine expression.


With these values in mind, we let our designers and craftsmen’s imagination take over and give life to their creations.

Our collections in gold and part of our collections in silver are designed and manufactured in France with the desire to mix tradition and innovation. We constantly invest in R&D with the goal of pushing boundaries between esthetic and creativity.

A jewel is an ephemeral tattoo that can be taken off anytime. It expresses who we are or symbolizes a moment in our life. It is a legacy. It can be shared or transmitted from generation to generation. It is an emotional footprint. It is an indestructible souvenir, a bridge between past, present and future./p>



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